Getting Started

Welcome to HomeTouch Ministry -- A Ministry to the Homebound. It's easy to get started sharing content with your members.

Step 1: Download this week's Devotional & Activity
Step 2: Send to your Member via email or snail mail.

That's really all it takes to add a smile every week to your Homebound members.  

Below are a few tips and tricks for navigating through the website and some additional ways to make HomeTouch a little more personal.  

A quick website tour.

We try to keep the website as simple as possible.

Downloading and viewing devotional & activity pages.

The home page will automatically default to the latest two quarters of material.  Each quarter is broken out into weekly devotionals and activity pages.  Click on the link to download that week's PDF or Word doc to download that week's Devotional and Activity Sheet.

If you wish to download the entire quarter at once for easy printing, you may do so by using the View All Devotional Pages or View All Activity Sheets links shown in the image below.

Having trouble viewing these pages?  Click here for more help on viewing PDF files.

Download Microsoft Word formats for editing.

If you'd like to edit the Devotional Pages or Activity Pages with your own reading plan, devotion, personal note or church information, click on Download a ZIP File of all this quarter in Word format

Once you have downloaded the file, unzip the file to begin editing in Microsoft Word.

Viewing back issues.

If you'd like to send a past devotional or activity page, click on Back pages to view our entire library.

You can edit the date by following the instructions above and download these pages in a Word doc.

Finding the quarterly newsletter.

These newsletters are created with you in mind.  They included ideas your church can implement to keep your homebound members connected with church life.  It will also include material about the homebound you can use in your church newsletter, website, social media pages and more to help engage all members of your church. 

You can download the Quarterly Newsletter by click on the link below the quarter heading.

What to include in your Homebound care packages.

If mailing the pages isn't possible each week, you can also mail the enter month in one care package.  However, to truly make members feel remembered, try not to go too long between packages.

Whether you are doing a monthly or weekly mailing to your members, there are lots of neat little things you can send along with every now and then, especially around the holidays.  If your church does a newsletter, but sure to include that in your care package. Sending the bulletins each week can also be a nice way to remind members that they are part of the community too.  

Another great item to feature in your care package is a craft, such as a bookmark or coloring pages, that your youth group or a Sunday school student have done.  Doesn't have to be anything big or bulky, something that will easily mail in the package.  You can even have them just color or paint the envelope to add a little cheer to the mailing.

Finally, sometimes the hardest thing is not seeing the smiling faces of other members.  Snap a few photos or use directory photos, print, then ask members to jot a smile note saying "hello" on the back of the printed photo.

Although none of these can replace a personal visit, these are just small things to share with your homebound or shut-in members to let them know they are loved and remembered by their church family.

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