I did not receive my packet

Paper Subscription:

We mail out the quarterly packets by bulk mail on the following dates:
Feb 20 for Apr-Jun issue
May 20 for Jul-Sep issue
Aug 20 for Oct-Dec issue
Nov 20 for Jan-Mar issue
Please allow 20 days for receipt of the packet.  If you still haven’t received Home Touch or your packet was damaged, you can request a new packet online:
  • Log into your account. If you have never logged in before, go to hometouchministry.com and use your email address as your username and your account number as your password.
  • Click on My Account
  • Choose "Report a Missing Issue" under Plan Details. Choose the issue for us to resend, fill in the name and email fields and click Submit. A new packet will be mailed out to you within a week.

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